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Why CWooD Professional Development?

I launched CWooD Professional Development because I am passionate about providing a space where interpreters can gather to collaborate, share ideas, and engage in healthy discussions in order to move our profession forward. My goal is to offer high quality workshops that satisfy Michigan State endorsement and national credential requirements, in both English and ASL, to all my colleagues; certified, and pre-certified. This will be a safe environment where open dialogue can unfold and every individual will feel welcome.  Presenters will be knowledgable, skilled, and dynamic professionals.

As a nationally certified interpreter, I understand Michigan credential guidelines, with regard to endorsements, as well as the national continuing education unit (CEU) requirements. Bringing Deaf, and Hearing individuals who are connected to the interpreting world to present on this platform is a priority, however I also believe there is huge value in learning from those outside of our tight knit profession. The work we do requires a tremendous breadth of knowledge, depth of skill, and high level of flexibility. 


The only way to truly expand and feed our minds is to be open to all content areas. By doing so we all become better interpreters, allies and advocates to our community and profession. I hope you will sign up for a workshop, and enjoy nourishing your skills and developing your Extra Linguistic Knowledge (ELK) as you earn CEU's from the comfort of your own home!

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PNG Overview of the BEI Testing Process.
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PNG Preparing for the BEI Advanced Evalu
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PNG Beyond Black ASL What You Need to Kn
PNG How Can I Help You, Help Me, Help Us
PNG Deliberate Practice Achieving Your G
PNG Am I Seeing It Right, but Saying It
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PNG Preparing for the BEI Basic Evaluati
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  • Ethics: A Guided Discussion - Common Practices
    Thu, Jun 24
    The interpreting profession is struggling to establish common practices and it is even more difficult to encourage practitioners to adopt such practices.
  • Ethics: A Guided Discussion - Ethical Decision Making
    Thu, Jul 08
    This workshop will address the right versus right dilemma in light of our role and responsibilities and where the Code of Professional Conduct fits in our decision-making process.
  • ASL Etymology Parts 1 & 2
    Sat, Jul 10
    This workshop will take participants on an adventure through etymologies of American Sign Language. As practitioners we present arbitrary rules of ASL as we use them and seem to know them but do we really KNOW them? Join us as Buck begins to describe ASL's rich history.
  • Ethics: A Guided Discussion - The How and Why of Our Ethics
    Thu, Jul 22
    This workshop will address the antiquated values of neutrality, invisibility, secrecy and the overemphasis on role continue to influence practitioners, both new and old alike – what do we do about it?
  • Am I Seeing it Right, But Saying it Wrong?
    Sat, Jul 31
    Providing a Spoken English interpretation for a Deaf presenter has some unique challenges. Research shows that uninitiated (hearing) people do not attach the same meaning to terms that we have come to use so freely when we are interpreting.
  • Overview of the BEI Testing Process
    Sat, Aug 14
    This workshop is designed to provide transparency for candidates who plan to take the entry level BEI evaluation. This is NOT a skill building workshop.
  • Beyond Black ASL To What You Need To Know
    Wed, Aug 18
    This workshop provides an overview of a historical and linguistic study on Black ASL with respect to school history, generational differences, and language differences.
  • Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientiousness. What makes you tick?
    Thu, Sep 09
    Constructive change begins with self-knowledge. DiSC profiles show you how you respond to conflict, what motivates you or stresses you out, and how you solve problems. DiSC profiles also teach you how to improve communication and understanding between team members/colleagues.
  • All Hands Up: Interpreter Boot Camp
    Sat, Sep 11
    Interpreter Boot Camp is about working hard and eliminating fears. This workshop is designed with a scaffolding approach; starting from basic finger spelling activities and continues with interactive activities including showing rather than telling, voicing when there are no signs, and more.
  • How Can I Help You, Help Me, Help Us?
    Sun, Sep 26
    A workshop on navigating the nuances of team interpreting.
  • Preparing for the BEI Basic Evaluation
    Sat, Oct 09
    This unique workshop will provide participants the opportunity to take a mock evaluation, become familiar with the BEI rating system, and then analyze their experience with Lauri’s guidance. This workshop will review the format of the test, the four parts, expectations and possible test topics.
  • Preparing for the BEI Advanced Evaluation
    Sat, Oct 16
    This unique workshop will provide participants the opportunity to take a mock Advanced BEI evaluation, become familiar with the BEI rating system, and then analyze their sample with Lauri’s guidance. It will also review the format of the test, the five parts, expectations, and possible test topics.
  • Deliberate Practice: Achieving your Goals with Purpose
    Sat, Nov 13
    This workshop will help interpreters learn how they can use deliberate practice to identify their specific goals and then engage in deliberate practice to achieve these goals.
  • Vulnerability in a Virtual World
    Sun, Dec 12
    This workshop is an in depth analysis into anxiety and self confidence issues brought on by interpreting situations. Through risk-taking exercises and discussions participants learn about each other’s vulnerabilities, and the importance of trust as it relates to teaming and consumers.