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Who is CWooD? 

Hello, my name is Cindy Wood. I live in Milan, Michigan, in the southeast part of the state. I have been working as a nationally certified interpreter for 16 years. Most recently, I served on the Michigan Chapter of the RID Board as Treasurer for four years, and during that time I was involved with Professional Development (PD). I loved being involved with PD. My term on the board ended and I realized how much I missed being involved with the planning, recruiting, and hosting of PD events. So, I decided to set up my own PD business. This way I can continue to be involved with my colleagues AND provide opportunities to earn CEUs.   

I am so excited about this new adventure. I plan to invite presenters from all over the U.S. but will start with some local talent. Workshops will be in English and American Sign Language, with as many hot topics as I can find. I plan to bring both Deaf and Hearing presenters to this platform. At this time, all workshops will be offered through Zoom and will be accessible, either in ASL or in English with ASL certified interpreters, until we are able to congregate again in-person. 

I understand Michigan Endorsements are critical, as well as RID PPO and Michigan Ethics CEUs. These are frustrating and challenging times and I look forward to the days when we can host big conferences and workshops face to face! For now, I hope you will continue to watch for announcements, flyers, and emails about upcoming workshops. You can also check out my website:   

Again, so excited to be on this journey and I look forward to seeing you very soon!

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