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Past Flyers

PNG Vulnerability in a Virtual World.png
PNG Communication Access Interpreting for People Who are Deafblind.png
PNG Collecting, Analyzing, and Discussing Language Samples of Deaf Students in Educational
PNG Preparing for the BEI Basic Evaluation.png
PNG Overview of the BEI Testing Process.
PNG ASL Etymology_ Parts I and II (Final
FB Interpreting for Language Deprived St
FB Sexual & Reproductive Health ASL Clas
FB Virtual Interpreting_ How to Prepare
Advanced Medical Interpreting_ Part 2 (F
PNG What Makes You Tick.png
PNG How to Recognize the Need for a Deaf Interpreter (Final3).png
PNG The ABCs of IEPs The Role of the Educational Interpreters in IEP Meetings.png
PNG All Hands Up Interpreter Boot Camp (
PNG Am I Seeing It Right, but Saying It
PNG NEW DATE Exploring Ethical Decisions
SS Ethics in the Evening (Final2).png
PNG Unlearning Words.png
Language and Cultural Deprivation in the
Mental Health for Interpreters_ Managing
Ethics and Intersectionality Interpreting for People Who are Deafblind.png
PNG Deliberate Practice Achieving Your Goals with Purpose.png
PNG Preparing for the BEI Advanced Evaluation.png
PNG Beyond Black ASL What You Need to Know.png
PNG Ethics_ A Guided Discussion Series.p
PNG Forget your ITP and interpret for me
FB Sex Ed for Interpreters (Final).png
FB It’s a Touchy Subject (Final2).png
Advanced Medical Interpreting_ Part 1 (F
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