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Why CWooD Professional Development?

I launched CWooD Professional Development because I am passionate about providing a space where interpreters can gather to collaborate, share ideas, and engage in healthy discussions in order to move our profession forward. My goal is to offer high quality workshops that satisfy Michigan State endorsement and national credential requirements, in both English and ASL, to all my colleagues; certified, and pre-certified. This will be a safe environment where open dialogue can unfold and every individual will feel welcome.  Presenters will be knowledgable, skilled, and dynamic professionals.

As a nationally certified interpreter, I understand Michigan credential guidelines, with regard to endorsements, as well as the national continuing education unit (CEU) requirements. Bringing Deaf and Hearing individuals who are connected to the interpreting world to present on this platform is a priority, however I also believe there is huge value in learning from those outside of our tight knit profession. The work we do requires a tremendous breadth of knowledge, depth of skill, and high level of flexibility. 


The only way to truly expand and feed our minds is to be open to all content areas. By doing so we all become better interpreters, allies and advocates to our community and profession. I hope you will sign up for a workshop, and enjoy nourishing your skills and developing your Extra Linguistic Knowledge (ELK) as you earn CEU's from the comfort of your own home!

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  • Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientiousness. What makes you tick?
    Thu, Dec 02
    Constructive change begins with self-knowledge. DiSC profiles show you how you respond to conflict, what motivates you or stresses you out, and how you solve problems. DiSC profiles also teach you how to improve communication and understanding between team members/colleagues.
  • Vulnerability in a Virtual World
    Sat, Dec 11
    This workshop is an in depth analysis into anxiety and self confidence issues brought on by interpreting situations. Through risk-taking exercises and discussions participants learn about each other’s vulnerabilities, and the importance of trust as it relates to teaming and consumers.
  • Transcending Hearing Guilt: Engaging With Compassion
    Wed, Jan 12
    As people become more aware of how the system is designed to lift or block certain groups of people, senses of confusion, guilt, or shame can creep in. How do we build deeper cross-cultural alliances in a world of uncertainty and stress?
  • An Ethical Look at Becoming the “Ideal Team Player”
    Thu, Jan 27
    Have you ever been asked how you would respond to a certain scenario involving a consumer and responded with, “Well, it depends…?” Participants will analyze three components; Hungry, Humble and Smart, from the book “The Ideal Team Player” by Patrick M. Lencioni, to answer this question.
  • The Dynamics of Emergency Management Interpreting
    Sat, Jan 29
    The primary focus of this workshop is to provide first hand insight about interpreting in emergency management settings. The presenters will describe and then outline the serious nature of a disaster, and what an interpreter may experience while working in this setting.